Is My Living In Vain (2022)

Is My Living in Vain (2022), 40mins,  Scanned 16mm and Super8. colour and black and white. 

Is My Living in Vain is a meditation on the continuing history and emancipatory potential of the Black church as a space of diasporic belonging, affirmation and community organising. Weaving together archival imagery, oral histories and  16mm shot footage on location. The film examines the  emancipatory potential of churches  as spaces of “infrapolitics” by exploring the sonic, political, spiritual and existential connections between specific communities across West  Philadelphia and South East London.  

Is My Living in Vain is commissioned and produced by Gasworks, London in partnership with Te Uru Waitākere Contemporary Gallery, Auckland; and Le Magasin CNAC (Centre National d'Art Contemporain), Grenoble.